Each artist charges out at their own designated hourly rate plus GST. We have a 1 hour minimum charge. Minimum will depend on the artist you choose. The exception to this is when the artist posts specific flash with flat rates (GST will be applied to all tattoos)

CAN I GET A COST ESTIMATE?2021-04-09T22:55:24+00:00

Cost estimates are just that, an estimate . The cost of a tattoo depends on many different factors ; how detailed the piece is, the size, the placement, colour or black and grey etc. The best way to get an idea is to consult with the artist via email and in person when deemed necessary.

DO I NEED A DEPOSIT?2021-04-09T22:56:02+00:00

YES. We require a deposit to secure your appointment. The amount will depend on the artist you are making the appointment with and the size of the tattoo. The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE but is directly applied to the cost of the final session of your tattoo.
If you do need to reschedule your appointment we require 48 hours notice. If proper notice is given via email we will hold the deposit for your rebooked appointment. (Please note, after 3 consecutive reschedules your deposit is forfeited. )
If you do not provide 48 hours notice , or if you cancel or no show, your deposit is forfeited. If you want to make another appointment you will need a new deposit, same rules apply for new deposit.
Deposits are held for one calendar year from that date they are received after which point your deposit is forfeited. Forfeited deposits go to the artist for their time.
Deposits can be made via e transfer to twotidestattoo@gmail.com or in the studio , by cash, credit or debit. Due to COVID and occupancy limits, in studio deposit transactions need to be confirmed via email to make sure we can accommodate.

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY TATTOO?2021-04-09T22:56:53+00:00

Please see our aftercare sheet on the site. Each artist will have their specific instructions regarding aftercare. We are here for all your questions and concerns. Do not hesitate to email or call during business hours.

DO YOU SELL GIFT CARDS?2021-04-09T22:57:33+00:00

You can come into the shop to purchase or contact us by email to set it up via E- transfer. We send the e-card to your email and you can then forward to the recipient. They print off and bring in and voila, best gift ever!! Minimum card is $50.00 . Gift cards can be used for tattoos, and shop merchandise. They do not expire.

I AM UNDER 18, CAN I GET A TATTOO?2021-04-09T22:58:22+00:00

In certain cases our artists will tattoo someone 16 -17years old. We have strict requirements. The parent or legal guardian will need to provide government documentation to verify guardianship, provide government issued ID for themselves as well as the minor with same address on both , sign the waiver and be present for the entire tattoo application of the minor. We reserve the right to refuse any requests for tattoos of minors based on our discretionary requirements and situational factors.

HOW DO I MAKE AN APPOINTMENT?2021-04-09T23:01:27+00:00

You can fill out the tattoo request form on the site. The information you have given us, the design specifics and the artist chosen will deem if a consult is necessary. Once a request is received we will review, discuss with chosen artist and from there you will hear back as to whether said artist wants to proceed or if we can find an artist better suited. If you do not have an artist preference we will find the best artist for your request. If a consultation is required , TWO TIDES or the artist will contact you via email to consult or if necessary to set up a consultation in person.
Although consultations are free, once you have discussed the design with artist or TWO TIDES and agree to proceed, the deposit will be required to begin the drawing process. Appointments are not confirmed until deposit is received.

WHAT ARE YOU METHODS OF PAYMENT?2021-04-09T23:02:10+00:00

All payments are processed through our payment terminal. We accept CASH, DEBIT , MASTERCARD, VISA AND AMEX
GST is applied to all Tattoo services and GST and PST is applied to all aftercare and merchandise sales.

WILL YOU TATTOO THE NECK/HANDS/FEET?2021-04-09T23:03:21+00:00

In general , hands, feet and necks are more difficult to tattoo and do not heal as well. Think about how much you use your hands, wash your hands, and wearing socks, shoes, rubbing against a new tattoo. This makes the healing process very tricky and you will most likely need more than one touch up. Many artists will refuse to tattoo the neck, hands or feet. It is up to the individual artist as to whether they will take on these tattoo requests.

DO YOU OFFER TOUCH-UPS?2021-04-09T23:04:04+00:00

Provided you have cared for you tattoo as instructed by your artist, we will offer 1 free touch up within 3 months of the application of your tattoo. Anytime after 3 months will be considered a re-work and regular rates will be applied.
Please note that, hands, feet and neck tattoos will often require multiple touch- ups . Only 1 touch within 3 months of your first tattoo application is free. This is an important factor to consider when choosing the placement of your tattoo.


Do not drink the night before your tattoo. Alcohol thins the blood and you may bleed more during the tattoo application. This can impede the healing process, possibly causing more scabbing and a risk of loss of some the ink
Do not come to your appointment under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

If you are taking any medication , check with your doctor first to ensure that there is no conflict between your medication and the tattoo process and products used in tattoo application.
Please eat a good meal before your tattoo. You may bring a drink and snack as well. Wear comfortable clothing that will not be damaged by ink ( white clothing not a good idea). We are not responsible for any clothing damaged by ink.

WHAT IS THE TWO TIDES ATMOSPHERE?2021-04-09T23:05:53+00:00

We are a family owned shop and like to think of our clients and artists as an extension of that. At Two Tides, we celebrate diversity and are proud to provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. The shop is relaxed, fun, and easy going. We will not tolerate any hate or non inclusive behaviour or language. Two Tides reserves the right to refuse any tattoo requests that do not reflect our values.
We are service based and art driven and love our neighbourhood here in Little Saigon. Whether it is your first or one of many , small or sizeable , getting a tattoo should be a welcoming and enjoyable experience from our first contact until your piece comes to life.
That’s Two Tides.