As you are all aware many things have changed over the past several months and we at Two Tides Tattoo are committed to your safety as well as the safety of our Two Tides Tattoo family. Therefore, we have implemented the necessary changes congruent withWorkSafe BC and the Public Health Office recommendations. We are very happy to be back at work serving you, our clients and we have outlined the following changes that we have made to the way we conduct our business to serve you better.

We have set forth clear requirements for our clients during this unprecedented time. It’s going to be a change for all of us but it’s for our community’s health and safety as we are all in this together. We will adjust our protocols and guidelines as Public Health Office recommendations change.


  1. We will no longer be accepting walk-ins until we are advised by the Health authority that it is safe to do so. We do accept same day call-ins provided we are able to send out our protocol to the client, the client meets our safety requirements, and our occupancy limits can accommodate.The studio will be by appointment only at this time. New and existing clients can contact Michelle at 604 379-1684 or at to set up a consultation or appointment with the artist of their choice.
  2. We have installed plexiglass and safety barriers at the front desk and waiting room to ensure proper physical distance and to create a physical barrier when clients are arriving, filling out forms and paying for services.
  3. We have also set our occupancy limit to 12 people, including artists thus allowing for physical distancing.
  1. Two Tides Tattoo has always had the highest standards in cleanliness and safety, and we are amplifying our cleaning procedures to the greatest extent. All of our artists have their up to-date Blood Borne Pathogens Certification and our entire team has completed the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) through the World Health Organization.We will be cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces especially “high touch” surfaces before and after each client, such as door handles, benches, bathrooms, front desk, barriers, the payment terminal and light switches, all with medical grade disinfectants. As most of you know the tattoo procedure area has always been cleaned extensively between each client in accordance with PSE Guidelines.
  2. All artists will be wearing masks, face shields if appropriate, disposable aprons, or vinyl ones that are disinfected with Cavicide, disposable sleeves if needed, and gloves as always. Desk staff will be wearing masks and gloves when needed.
  3. IMPORTANT! Please read carefully.No one will be allowed to enter the studio if they have experienced any cold related or flu like symptoms such as but not exclusive to fever, runny nose, chills, fatigue, sneezing, coughing etc., or have been in contact with anyone who has had any of the aforementioned symptoms.Admission to the studio will not be permitted to those who have travelled outside of BC in the last two weeks or been in contact with anyone who has travelled in the last two weeks.


  1. Clients will be forwarded our COVID -19 Protocols and Client Guidelines before their appointment. Please read through carefully and abide by all the guidelines. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  2. If you have been unwell in the last two weeks prior to your appointment or if you have been around anyone who has been unwell in the last two weeks prior to your appointment, PLEASE DO NOT COME. This is VERY important. NO exceptions. Cancel and we will rebook. This protects ALL OF US!! If you have been exposed to or come into contact with someone who has had COVID-19 or has themselves been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks, PLEASE DO NOT COME!! We can rebook you!!!
  3. Clients are not to have traveled outside of BC or been around anyone who has travelled outside BC two weeks prior to their appointment. Keep this in mind when booking and leading up to your appointment.
  4. Clients are to show up ALONE, NO VISITORS, NO FRIENDS, JUST YOU. Clients are asked TO NOT SHOW UP EARLY.Please call 604-379-1684 to confirm when you are coming.We will let you know if we are running on time or we can call you when we are ready for you to come in.
  1. Clients MUST read the posted documents on our front door prior to entry. This will include a check point for any COVID-19 or COVID related symptoms.
  2. Clients are asked to bring minimal personal belongings to their appointment. You may bring a water bottle or a drink, small snack, phone etc. If possible, leave jackets and extra items in your vehicle. If it’s not possible you will be asked to leave those items in a designated place in the front area to be touched only by you.
  3. Clients MUST have a mask on PRIOR to entry. The type of mask is your choice, disposable or washable. Please do NOT wear this disposable mask prior to your appointment. If your mask is washable, make sure it is freshly laundered. If you do not have a mask, we will have some available, but please do your best to bring one.
  1. Once you enter the shop you will be asked to sanitize your hands and any items you have brought with you, this includes phone, glasses, keys if not in your pocket, water bottle or drink (anything that you will be touching throughout your appointment)
  2. Please bring picture ID to your appointment. This is needed for the consent and waiver form. DO NOT FORGET THIS.

Due to the nature of our business, we cannot maintain the recommend 2 meters of physical distancing during the tattoo process. As well the duration of our time together is longer than most interactions, so these above measures are of the utmost importance to follow. We are going above and beyond because we value our clients and their safety so please do the same for us.

We look forward to serving you and having you all back!